Watch The Purge Online Since some crimes are more spectacular than others, more ready-made for big-screen consumption, this yearly national bloodletting appears limited to more familiar, more obvious police-blotter offenses: murder, beatings, more murder. “The Purge,” a junky home-invasion thriller that tries to creep in as an allegory, will disappoint both genre fans hoping for “Twilight Zone”-style ideas and horror aficionados looking for thrills. The movie even makes night-vision-goggle scares more irksome, a rare feat.

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The Purge Download Movie Ethan Hawke — onscreen in finer theaters in “Before Midnight” — stars here as James Sandin, a security systems salesman in the year 2022. Sometime between now and then, America’s vaguely Tea Party-sounding “New Founding Fathers” have eliminated crime and brought unemployment to 1% by making all crime legal one night a year. That supposedly banks citizens’ worst urges the rest of the time, allowing for a peaceful, prosperous country.

On this Purge night, the boyfriend of Sandin’s teenage daughter (Adelaide Kane) sneaks into their walled-off mansion to have a confrontation, while Sandin’s squirrelly son (Max Burkholder) opens the door for a homeless man in need of protection.

That act brings a band of marauders to the Sandin mansion, led by a blond, lank-haired fellow who clearly aspires to be Heath Ledger’s Joker. They soon get in, and Sandin’s killer instinct gets out as he fights to protect his wife (“Game of Thrones’ ” Lena Headey) and children.

Writer-director James DeMonaco’s mundane points about violence and society’s angels are part “Hunger Games,” part “Panic Room,” part Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” — and all trite. Some points are brought up and forgotten (why does Sandin’s boy record his heart rate every hour? Is there a reason the father and son dress like wine-bar waiters?), while others move as slowly as the toy-mounted camera that trundles through the house.

Hawke has done better genre parables, including “Gattaca” and “Daybreakers.” His sweaty nervousness here is convincing. But between the Ledger wanna-be who says “fare thee well, sweet Sandins” and the rich neighbors who for some reason resent the guy they bought security equipment from, you hope for a purge to wipe away bad movies like this. Human sacrifice is a reliable crowd pleaser, from the myth of the Minotaur to Shirley Jackson’s short-story shocker “The Lottery,” the Japanese film “Battle Royale,” the book (and now movie series) “The Hunger Games” and the television reality show “The Voice.” This week’s big-screen oblation, “The Purge,” revisits that old sacral feeling, updates it with agitated camerawork and seasons it with the vaguest suggestion of politics — and then lets it rip with machine guns, machetes and Manson Family-style gigglers in fright masks. Ain’t we got fun? ¶ For most of its first hour, “The Purge” isn’t exactly an evening’s elevating entertainment, but it effectively creeps under the skin. It’s 2022 and James Sandin (Ethan Hawke), a high-performing employee at a security firm, is rolling through the entrance of his gated community in a fine mood. He has just been anointed his company’s top salesman, good news tempered by the fact that tonight brings the annual Purge, the 12-hour national holiday during which Americans are legally absolved from every crime, including homicide and, presumably, insider trading.

The time stamp announces that this is the future; that it’s also a dystopia is evident from the regressive image of James’s wife, Mary (Lena Headey), fussing about in a skirt and heels like a 1950s television handmaid. James, meanwhile, plays the caring father, sitting down to supper with his family (dinner, and then the show) in a scene with his children, Charlie (Max Burkholder), and Zoey (Adelaide Kane), that establishes his loving paterfamilias bona fides. There’s a distinct, daddy-knows-best whiff to this tableau that’s underscored when a TV announcer bleats about the New Founding Fathers, God and America just before the Emergency Broadcast System kicks in. Watch The Purge Online Free James mans the alarms and the gates roll down, securing the windows and doors as if home were a prison. That’s the unsubtle message, or rather just one of several such blunt, bludgeoning ideas that the writer and director James DeMonaco tucks into “The Purge.” Some introductory text suggests the political stakes, however blurred: unemployment is at 1 percent, crime is nearly nonexistent and it’s Morning in America (again): cue the smiling faces, fluttering flags and some pacifying notes from Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.” The movie doesn’t directly point fingers at political conservatives, but Mr. DeMonaco deploys the satire about God ’n’ Guns with such cumulative heavy handedness, that the target, so to speak, becomes obvious. (The emblem of the New Founding Fathers looks a lot like one for the National Rifle Association, complete with a gun-toting eagle.) The message just gets louder and louder, cruder and cruder, which is too bad because Mr. DeMonaco knows how to set a stage. The banality of James and Mary’s milieu initially brings to mind the opening of Jackson’s “Lottery” (1948), in which the ritual bloodletting (ostensibly for harvest) is compared to civic activities like “square dances, the teenage club, the Halloween program.”

Once lockdown commences, however, Mr. DeMonaco quickly loses his grip on the ever-more blood-slicked material. Out come the guns and in come the villains, inner and outer. A symbol of collective callousness emerges in the form of a sacrificial black man (Edwin Hodge as the Bloody Stranger), an Everyman lifted wholesale from George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” if without the powerhouse effect. It is the year 2022, and America is a paradise. There is little crime. The economy is booming. Unemployment is practically unknown. There's just one catch. Once a year, for 12 hours, hospitals close, firehouses shut their doors, and the police take off. And, without fear of a single authority interrupting them, the citizenry can do anything they want. Anything. This may not be a bad start for a movie. At least, it wasn't a bad idea for that old "Star Trek" episode, where people lived buttoned-down lives until it was finally time to scream "Festival!" and go mad for a bit. But "The Purge" bungles it. To begin with, its take on the idea doesn't hold together. Historically, overly ordered societies have sometimes sanctioned a topsy-turvy day when few rules applied; a movie about a repressed nation finding release in chaos could work.

Watch The Purge Online Megavideo But this story takes place in near-contemporary America. And as guilt-ridden as many of us may be about some things, "The Purge" is about fear and envy and rage. And generally those are emotions we express just fine. Unfortunately, besides its borrowed (and botched) concept, the film doesn't have much going for it. It sets up a few characters - rich dad, colorless mom, sullen daughter, peculiar son. No one seems remotely real, let alone interesting or distinct. Then, in the midst of the 12-hour blood orgy, when these people, like any sensible family, simply lock their doors, their son opens them, briefly, to give shelter to a black man running from a mob.

And then the mob gathers outside, demanding him. Does the rich white family turn the man over, or give him sanctuary? It's all painfully obvious, but at least it's a conflict - something to think about, and possibly reveal character. Perhaps that's why filmmaker James DeMonaco almost immediately shies away from it, and quickly turns the movie into a standard, home-invasion horror. Alas, there's nothing here - from the grinning masks to the preppy psycho to the utter savagery -- you haven't seen in "The Strangers," or two versions of "Funny Games," or several takes on "The Last House on the Left" (or the lesser known, and far better "Them").

And believe me, there's nothing you'd want to see again, particularly served up with all these shaky closeups and off-kilter angles and a cast mostly waiting - like us - for it to be over. Ethan Hawke is fine as the dad who (irony alert!) is a security-systems salesman turned pump-action avenger, but at first, all I could think was, Watch The Purge Online Full Movie "So this is how he subsidized his work in 'Before Midnight'?" (And then I thought, "Wow, wouldn't it have been great if Julie Delpy had played his wife here, instead of Lena Headey?") But honestly, by the end of it all, as I trudged up the aisle nursing a headache, all I could really think was, I'm just very glad there's not a real tradition where we can legally hunt down and hurt the people who've annoyed us. But not nearly as glad as James DeMonaco should be.

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